As a result of its multidisciplinary team and the excellence of its partners, ImasD Consult supplies to its customers the follow services:

Modeling and delineation of metal structures

  • Optimization Project
  • Modeling
  • Preparation of manufacturing drawings
  • Development of manufacturing listings
  • Installation drawings

4D and 3D Tools

The 4D tool facilitates the organization of the model using the expected dates of manufacture. Using this information and the filters of Tekla Structures we can report the materials needed for each time of manufacture.

Taking as a basis the 3D model, Tekla Structures automatically performs all necessary designs and reports for manufacturing all sets.

Tracking Control

As a solution of the tracking control, ImasD Consult develops applications that make easier the track of any piece from modeling to assembly on site, using an application based on the Tekla Structures.